Bobby Raulerson, President & CEO


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I Believe No One Can Do It Better Than Consolidated Rigging.


"We are proud to be one of the top rigging shops in the Southeast... but, we are so much more than that!"


Consolidated Rigging was founded in 1967 and is independently owned and operated. We are a 70,000 square foot, full line rigging shop in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida. With branch locations in Tampa, Orlando, Coconut Creek & Savannah Georgia.


For over 40 years, Consolidated Rigging has represented many fine companies and a large variety of product lines with the largest inventory in the southeast.


We pride ourselves on getting the job done. Here at Consolidated we understand challenges that present themselves everyday because we were born out of adversity.  This is why we are so good and what we do because we "solve problems".  Being a solution based company gives us an advantage that our competitors just don't have!


If it needs to be done we can get it done. Give Consolidated Rigging a try...You will be glad you did.



Take a Tour With  Us Though Our  70,000 Sq. Ft Complex


Consolidated Rigging has everything that you need to get your project done. Our 70,000 sq. ft facility helps use keep in stock exactly what you need 



We Carry The Highest Level Of “Product Liability Insurance”… Which We Have Never Had To Use! 


Ask your current supplier if they have that. We sell and fabricate only quality products and we load test and certify our work. We’re not bragging, we’re just confident in our work. As so bluntly and confidently put by the owner and CEO Bob Raulerson:“Our guarantee is Quality! Quality! Quality!”


It has been said that, “you know a person by the company that they keep”. The companies that we keep are:


The Crosby Group

Gorbel, Inc.

Gunnebo Johnson

Cleveland Tramrail (patent track)

Columbus McKinnon

Harrington Hoists

All known for their commitment to Quality and excellence!


A few of the companies that we serve:

Lockheed Martin

Crowley Maritime

US Navy US Army


Pratt Whittney

Walt Disney