Proof Load Testing

Horizontal Test Machine:

On Site/Mobile

As the photos show the test went extremely well and with no incidents. The ABS surveyor left the site extremely satisfied with the way in which Richard conducted and prepared the load test. In this business every minute counts and Richard uses every minute wisely and efficiently always respecting the client’s precious resources and valuable time. If you need a proof load test to insure the safety of your rigging gear you know who to call on the East Coast.


Spread Load Tester For NASA Video

Spreader Bar Test

Our trained professionals show how we do a Spread Load Test for NASA and the importance of safety first. 

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Safety Comes First So...Testing is a Must


"We not only test and certify every piece of cable, chain and wire rope that leaves this facility, we can test your inventory of the same."


To ensure the quality and safety of our products, Consolidated Rigging tests the load capacity and even supplies you with a record in case an inspector comes knocking, ”Proof Load Testing" is what Consolidated does to ensure quality in all of our products.


We rig the assembly into our “Test Bed” and perform a static pull, increasing the tension all the way to double the safe working load. While all of our rigging products are built with a 5:1 ratio for load capacity, we pull to twice that safe working load to ensure the strength and safety of our product line. If that does not satisfy your concerns, we will make an extra assembly exactly like the one that you have ordered and we will perform what is called a “destructive” test. This means we pull the assembly until it is destroyed. We print out a report which graphs the point at which it broke. We believe the safety of our equipment comes down to this: “The proof is in the pudding.” And we happily provide that proof. You will have a record for your files and we will keep a copy as added security. We perform these test for many of our clients. The US Navy has Consolidated Rigging test their rigging on a consistent basis. - 


a. Certified Rigging Inspector attaching the test weights


b. ABS Survey of 35 Ton spreader Bar Load Test


c. 1 leg of 35 Ton spreader bar attachment


d. 35 Ton Proof Load Of Container Spreader Bar


e. 35 Ton Proof Test Complete




We Come to You!


"To save you money and make things so much easier we can come to you."


No matter where you are in the United States our "Mobile" Test Bed can come to your site and perform testing.  Our service is fast and we have made the process so easy for you to get your inventory tested. The best part is that we can save you valuable time and money.


So call us today!


500 Metric Tons of Certified Test Weights to NAVFAC P-307 Standard